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  • I was afraid of what you two might have thought.
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  • The man she was in love with was a fraud, he was crazy.
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  • Her brows furrowed, and she closed her hands into fists, squaring off against the highwayman. Her ability to summon him without knowing it, the powerful desires she held and the bewitching power she had over him.

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    Lucas humbled himself before Valear, I swear on my life, I won t let it come to that.

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    He then walked over and poured them both a drink. All she had to do was deliver this note to Lucas.
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  • It would hopefully give him enough time to explain himself to her. She tossed the mirror back in the drawer and waited a minute before she felt she could drag herself to her feet.
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  • At that moment, she was so stunning in all her alluring innocence that his defenses shattered.

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    He didn t need to lie to him because it didn t serve any purpose.
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  • She became silent, and couldn t make eye contact with her.

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