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Workplace Safety Training - Don't Let Your Workplace Safety Plan Happen by Accident

Workplace Safety Training - Free Workplace Safety Assessment

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Workplace Safety Training

As a responsible small or medium-sized business owner you want to make sure that your workplace is safe for your employees. You are responsible for Workplace Safety Training to ensure that your employees operate equipment safely and provide all of the necessary tools to ensure that they don’t get hurt.

If an accident happens in your workplace, you could face business stoppages, fines and other sanctions that will have a negative effect on your business.

At Safety Skills, we’re small business owners too and we want to make sure that your work environment is safe for your workers as well.

We are experts in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and have developed a program that includes workplace specific policies, procedures and safety training.

We have a simple three step process that helps make sure that your business is safe and compliant. By using this simple process, we can make sure that you have a safe work environment for your staff and that you are prepared for a Ministry of Labour inspection.

Free Workplace Safety Assessment

Don’t let your safety plan happen by accident.

If you are concerned about health and safety in your workplace, please call (613-473-1592) or email us to set up a no-strings-attached Workplace Safety Assessment. It’s absolutely free and is your first step towards a safe workplace.

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